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вул. Дудаєва 3.
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Львів, Ринок "Південний",
ТЦ "Галичина", магазин 11

Львів, вул. Дудаєва 3

(067) 90 22 303
(067) 374 44 05
(096) 696 13 52

mail: khutrosobol@ukr.net
skype: khutrosobol


Chain of fur salons "SOBOL" located in Lviv, is a leader in its field and offers the widest range of luxury fur from mink, sable, fox, chinchilla, beaver and karakul.

Here you will find the most expensive Blagcklama mink. Without a doubt, our luxury products will surprise most fastidious buyer.

Only in " SOBOL " you will have an opportunities to make custom from top factories in Greece.

Only our furs will emphasize your status and uniqueness. Wherever you are, all eyes will be glued only to your persona.

Experienced consultants can satisfy all your wishes - regardless of whether you are looking for a vest, coat, jacket or coat with fur - it's all you can find only in "SOBOL ".

Visit our fur shop " SOBOL ". Only you deserve the best - present the luxury to yourself!